This 1967 Camaro RS is a beauty and a beast with its 632 C.I. Big block with 815 hp and over 750 foot pounds of tire shredding torque reliable and extremely powerful is surly to put a smile on anyone’s face that drives or rides in it ! The car has a beautiful paint and body Color is Sunburst orange with black stripes black vinyl top and black interior. 

The engine starts with the turn of the key and catches an idle very quickly it runs and drives the way it should with power steering and four-wheel disc brakes. The engine runs cool below 180° all the time with over 60 pounds of oil pressure speedometer tach fuel gauge all gauges work not to mention cold air conditioning! 

Here is a further list of components 

  • Cal tracks traction bars
  • All new suspension front and back with bars heavy duty swaybar 
  • 3 inch exhaust Flowmaster mufflers 
  • 12 bolt posi 373 gears 
  • Tubular front control arms 
  • Four-wheel disc brakes 
  • Adjustable billet coil over shocks 
  • Front heavy duty swaybar 
  • Large aluminum radiator with dual electric fans in custom fan shroud 
  • Doug‘s big tube ceramic coated headers 
  • Dominator carburetor
  • Billet high-performance fuel pump with billet regulator 
  • Custom billet serpentine set up
  • Custom MSD ignition digital – 6+ programmable two stage rev limiter high speed Retard cd ignition 
  • Bullet proof turbo 400 custom converter with three speed reverse manual valve body 
  • Controlled by B&M shifter 
  • Custom interior seats in Console 
  • with vintage air conditioning and heat 
  • American racing wheels with M&H race master 275/50 R 17 tires
  • Full frame connectors 
  • Custom Wind shield wiper motor to clear Engine 
  • Billet grill 
  • with halogen high intensity headlights and more …

Specific Engine Specs 


  • BluePrint Engines New Block Casting
  • Tall Deck 10.200 in. Height (+.400 in. taller/wider)
  • Cast Iron
  • 4-Bolt Main
  • 1-Piece Rear Main Seal
  • 4.600 in. Bore

Rotating Assembly:

  • Forged Crankshaft 4.750 in. Stroke
  • Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods 6.635 in. Length
  • Forged Pistons 4.600 in. Bore
  • Compression: 11.0:1
  • Double roller timing set
  • Internal Balance

Cylinder Heads:

  • Blueprint Aluminum with 119 cc Chambers – 138-PS8012
  • 358 CC Intake Runner
  • 124 cc Exhaust Runner
  • 2.300 in. Intake Valve 
  • 1.880 in. Exhaust Valve
  • Exhaust port raised 0.300 in. over OEM casting 

Camshaft Specs:

  • Hydraulic Roller
  • Duration @ .050 in. Lift: 272-degrees Intake / 282-degrees Exhaust
  • Lift: .698 in. Intake / .698 in. Exhaust
  • Lobe Separation: 110-degrees


  • Assembled Short Block
  • Camshaft
  • Timing Set
  • Cylinder Heads
  • Valve Covers
  • Timing Cover
  • Oil Pan
  • Oil Pump and Pickup Tube
  • Carb
  • Harmonic Balancer
  • Distributor
  • Intake Manifold
  • Spark Plugs
  • Spark Plug Wires 
  • Accessory Drive System with A/C Compressor, Power Steering Pump, Alternator, Water Pump, Tensioner, Idler, with Serpentine Pullies

Note: Your BluePrint engine was dyno tested with the parts and specifications listed below. If you prefer to install a different part, your engine may not produce the horsepower recorded on your dyno sheet.

  • Fuel Delivery Type: Carbureted
  • Spark Plug: NGK BKR5E
  • Spark Plug Gap: .035 in.
  • Harmonic Balancer: Non-Weighted
  • Flexplate/Flywheel: Non-Weighted
  • Intake Manifold: Single plane
  • Timing (Initial/Total Advance): Initial timing 10-16-degrees and Total timing 32-36 degrees 
  • Firing Order: 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

Installation Notes

  • Not for use in Emissions or pollution controlled vehicles
  • Cylinder heads use and exhaust port that is raised 0.300 in. over OEM, verify header and exhaust clearance
  • Recommended Stall Converter: 2200+ rpm
    Recommended Fuel: 91 Octane

Engine Break-In Procedure

Use or break-in oil or conventional (non-synthetic) multi-viscosity oil with zinc additive for the first 500 miles of operation. Avoid hard acceleration for sustained periods. Periodically change the engine speed while driving to help seat the rings. While the engine is running, be sure to check oil pressure and coolant temperature, and check for fluid leaks, such as oil, transmission fluid, fuel, and coolant/antifreeze. Also, listen for any unusual sounds. Should you hear an unusual sound, shut the engine off, check for the source, and correct it.

Engines with flat tappet cams only – Start the engine and bring it to 2,000 RPM. Get the engine running smoothly. Then vary the engine speed from 1,800-2,200 RPM in a slow acceleration/deceleration cycle for 30 minutes. This is necessary to provide adequate oil splash and lifter rotation to properly mate each lifter to its lobe. 

At 500 Miles change the engine oil and filter using conventional (non-synthetic) oil. After 6,000 miles, synthetic oils can be used in your engine.  For flat tappet cam engines, continued use of oil with zinc or a zinc additive for the life of your engine is recommended. 


Part Type


Camshaft Included


Piston Material


Exhaust Duration at 050 inch Lift


Intake Valve Lift with Factory Rocker Arm Ratio (i


Engine Block Material

Cast iron

Cylinder Head Material


Crankshaft Material


Main Bolt Style


Combustion Chamber Volume (cc)


Connecting Rod Material


Intake Duration at 050 inch Lift


Engine Make/Size

Chevy Big Block

Engine Assembly Style

Long block

Engine Balance






Cylinder Heads Included


Camshaft Style

Hydraulic roller tappet

Rear Main Seal Style



Sold individually

Exhaust Valve Diameter

1.88 in (47.752 mm)

Engine Displacement

632 ci.

Connecting Rod Material Beam Style


Engine Type

High-Performance Crate Engine

Exhaust Valve Lift with Factory Rocker Arm Ratio (in.)


Intake Valve Diameter

2.3 in (58.42 mm)

Shipping Weight:


Package Height:


Package Depth:


Package Width:


Part Category:

Performance Parts

Part Fitment:

Semi Universal
Whoever gets it will definitely be the king of the street in their hometown when they roll into the show with this engine Big tube headers and 3 inch exhaust it will definitely demand respect ! 
For more info please call or text 321 663 6608